Leo  [July 22nd to August 21st]

#MeTime:  Perhaps, dear Lion, it was asking too much of you to take a “Back to Basics” program to heart for longer than a month. You NEED your glamour, even just a tiny bit, in order to feel alive. You may mistake overindulgence, however, for glamour. It’s cool. You can shoot for more balance next month.

#Heartstrings:  Taking a step back from your trial austerity program may be a welcome relief for those closest to you. You’re both ready to spark up an active social calendar and to entertain more of some petty and not-so-petty pleasures to pass the time. Of course, this creaks the door open for drama to creep through.

#MoneyMoves: I recommend you take a page from Scorpio’s playbook this month and hide some money from yourself. Or keep your expenses modest, because I’d be willing to bet money that you may spread yourself a little too thin just a few days before Christmas.  Fortunately, you’ll feel like you’ve come to good financial sense after Christmas day.

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