Leo  [July 22nd to August 21st]

#MeTime:  Mars going Pisces may seem to fuel a passion for life and making things happen that could catch you by surprise. You’re concerned about your legacy, in every sense of the world. It doesn’t mean you’re closer to the end. You want to leave your mark or you fear that you might not be making enough strong moves.


#Heartstrings:  Venus twirls into your heavenly orbit of relationships at the start of the month. This sounds lovely and romantic for Valentine’s Day; but take heed that the sweet comes with a cost. The cost isn’t unpleasant, but it may not be something that you can anticipate or fully control. Stay flexible and open.

#MoneyMoves: Of course, there are several ways to shore up your legacy—from a life insurance policy to your generosity to charity to that creative piece that establishes your name forever. The magic that runs through each of these things is to know what piece of yourself you want to leave and having a system or means to do that. Scattering your energies won’t help.

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