For over a decade, Neptune, the planet of egolessness, has been doing a shadow dance with your Leo Ego from your opposite sign, Aquarius.  This shadow dance has probably led you to feel not as confident about yourself and your abilities as you used to.  Well, finally, Neptune is taking his game to Pisces and you get to learn a new dance!  But it’s not going to be an easy dance to learn because you won’t be able to just feel your bad-ass self without thinking in some way about the other guy or gal. (Feelin’ less bad-ass and sometimes more just like an ass.)  Here’s a way to get out of a possible rut this year about that. Be what Leo is meant to be: generous with what she or he has, because they acknowledge the Source from where it comes.  Now whoever or whatever the Source is is up to you; but it’s your job this year to honor and connect to it. As Neptune goes into Pisces in February, and as Jupiter, the most generous planet in the heavens, plods deeper into Taurus, your career sign, you’ll see that the more you give of yourself, the more is given to you.  As you receive your bounty, figuratively or financially, you’ll have to be a lot more discriminating about how you’ll handle it all with Mars, the planet of action, in your resource sign, Virgo, for half of the year. Of course, feeling more like yourself will also summon more of your libido and we fully expect that the eclipses at the earlier part of this year to bring heightened energy to that sector of your life.  As 2012 wraps up, Saturn bobs into your home and family life sign, Scorpio, prompting you to take a closer look at the foundation of your life. You could interpret this shift with a range of meanings, from literally getting your home inspected for repairs to creating more emotional support structures for yourself and your family.


I once had a loopy physical trainer who was fond of saying, “Step into your power” while I was doing something ridiculous like running on a treadmill while carrying weights high over my head as he instructed me to count outloud in Japanese.  Um, your winter may feel a little like that.  “Stepping into your power” is more of an internal state of focus that’s not caught up in the external dynamics, not matter how sane or insane those are.  You might feel tight during this season, because coming out of your shadow dance you might be overly concerned about how things look or being easily embarrassed.  Drop that.  It’s getting in your way. That doesn’t mean you don’t have to care about appearances at all, but don’t start with the appearances.  Start with goal setting, as it’s only natural to do at the start of a new year, and then commit to be resolute.  With Jupiter going forward inTaurus, you’re moving forward, no matter what.  Own that.


Time to get clearer on what’s yours and belongs to you.  This goes down a few different ways.  Take extra care with your stuff now as you either could be careless with it or lose track of it.  You might also have some trouble with boundaries.  At one extreme is the attitude with others that what’s mine is mine and what’s yours is still mine. This ain’t gonna work too well now. (And for the record, it never did, but perhaps you’re better able to recognize that.)  Another extreme is that you share what you have with the implicit understanding that whatever someone else has is going to be available to you when you need or want it as well.  That’s not true giving or receiving.  In other news, if you can keep up with YOUR stuff, it is an excellent time frame to pack some of it up and get away if you can, especially with the Venus-Jupiter mash-up fest in the heavens.  If you can’t, then pamper yourself, however you like, but be mindful that it’s on your own dime and terms rather than leaning too heavily on others.


You’re a hard cat to figure out and keep up with this season.  Your social life gets ramped up with Venus and Jupiter cuddled together in Gemini now, so you enjoy the titillation of buzzing about and being on the prowl.  But you neither want to catch nor be caught by those who are feelin’ you.  This is true for even those who already have your affections if you’re in a relationship.  Key to unlocking the confusion is getting upfront with yourself about being vulnerable. You might have an intimacy allergy right now, because you don’t want to be embarrassed or hurt.  So keeping it light seems like the best bet to you.  You weren’t born to take it that safe, Lion. You got your mind on what makes you feel secure in your career and you’re also concerned about distractions. Then, Leo,  eeeeeease into getting close with folks rather than thinking taking it light has to mean taking flight.  You can trust that affection and love can unfurl one petal at a time.


Words have power, so be mindful of what you say now as people are more inclined to listen to what you say than usual. This is a plus and minus.  The plus, of course, is that you like when people are listening to you.  The minus is when they hold you accountable for what you say. You might feel this is a breach of trust by bringing up things back in your face. It’s not. That’s your dramatic personae talking. It’s a reminder to resist the temptation to shoot from the hip because your own foot is right underneath.  What’s cool is that you can reach the right people with your message as your natural charisma and charm break through.  As the season flows on, you’ll be seeking to anchor yourself more, especially as it concerns your roots, family and home life.  It’s not because you feel out to sea. You been there, done that. This is different.  Saturn in Scorpio will prompt you to look closer at your foundations because you want to dig deeper as to reach higher in the sky.

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