Leo  [July 22nd to August 21st]

#MeTime:  So this is the month to get back in balance, but you are more likely to have an easier time with that after the 20th. In the interim, you’ll have to be gentle with yourself, much like the way you are when you have a hangover—whether you’re having real ones or not. You’re looking for a “sober glamour”—like wearing jeans with silk socks.

#Heartstrings:  Your saving grace this month will be more empathy and less charm. If you’re really not paying attention, you may think might makes right and that really won’t work. With Mars and Saturn at loggerheads toward the middle of the month, you can better connect with folks if you start with where they are rather than thinking you can charm or push them where you feel they should be.

#MoneyMoves: How you experience this “back to basics” time is really a matter of scale. You may have to lay off the petty indulgences, but that doesn’t mean your breakfast yogurt has to become cold cream of wheat. Simple flourishes can go a long way. Or going for brands that aren’t your favorite can help you maintain your high standards of taste without footing the same high bills.

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