Leo  [July 22nd to August 21st]

#MeTime:  You might not find this month to be “Glam & Glorious” month, but “Back to Basics” instead. Pay careful attention to the fundamentals—from your finances, to your makeup, to how you even craft your memos. But going to “Square One” doesn’t mean that you become a square. Think of this as simplifying your pleasures rather than embracing austerity.

#Heartstrings:  All things related to hearth, family and home may have more of your attention than you’ve given the folks in months.  It may be partly because of the holidays, but another part will be an unacknowledged need to get some things off your chest that have gotten heavier during the last month.

#MoneyMoves: Think about the ways you can consolidate your assets, whether they’re buried in 401k’s, money market accounts or under the seat cushions of your couch or car.  Gather your “treasure,” so you have a better idea of how to budget and plan ahead for 2013.

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