Leo  [July 22nd to August 21st]

#MeTime: This month, roll up your sleeves, tighten up your belt, and dig in your heels because this is a “stand your ground” month. It doesn’t mean that you have complete license to be stubborn in all things, but acting with clear conviction is more than ok. Stay true to your heart.

#Heartstrings:  Speaking of staying true to your heart, remember to keep some parts of it flexible to do the following: (1) to beat and (2) to be gracious at those times when conviction wins out, but respect never gets lost. Be a good sport, whether it’s a petty domestic squabble or in the boardroom with a colleague.

#MoneyMoves: You’re filled with all kinds of “win” this month and that must feel awesome.  Just don’t bow into a “scorched earth” policy or think that you can rest on your laurels. You can’t. Keep it movin’ and keep it flavored with royal kindness and class.

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