Leo  (July 22nd to August 21st)

A fire full moon may be what the metaphorical doctor ordered to blaze things up be-fore Old Man Winter settles in to frost stuff up. So here’s my list of things to keep warm for the chilly months ahead and a little bit why. Uranus, one of the most indi-vidualistic dudes of the planetary pantheon, gets it together this week by stopping his retrograde, and he should be around, so to speak, to help make sure Winter’s frigid fingers don’t put a choke hold on your individuality and originality.  Where this com-ing season might try to bury you won’t be only in snow, but with feelings of drudgery and workaholism. Leo, don’t fall for the okie-doke.  Work is Life’s icebox where we often put leftovers of ourselves to bide time and figure out what the hell to do next.  Now some leftovers we do get around to, but not most. So be attentive and selective to what you put in that icebox of work.

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