Leo  (July 22nd to August 21st)

Before speed became a “god,” of sorts, in modern culture, it actually was a relatively rare thing by our standards. What often came fast was the stuff that often people didn’t really understand or couldn’t prevent from ignorance, like an infection from a fracture. Now we expect speed as a norm. This week it would be nice if you develop a new appreciation, not veneration, for speed. There are some things that you should speed up and there’s a lot of stuff that shouldn’t. I think we still have to pray to know the difference.  For starters, you might want to slow down your hands and your mouth. What you should think to accelerate and feed is your hunger for data and in-formation. There’s an inner geek in every Leo that’s often not given his or her due. This is one week to nurture and glorify yours.  

Samuel F. Reynolds is a NYC-based astrologer. His personal consultations have been described as “healing” and “brilliantly insightful.” He’s offering special, recorded 1-hour consultations for $95 for Ebony.com readers, in person or by phone/skype. For more info, visit return2thesource.com, write [email protected] or follow on Twitter at @sfreynolds.