Leo  (July 22nd to August 21st)


#MeTime:  You’re drinking the last dregs of the insecurity and uncertainty that Neptune has been pouring you for years now, so I would recommend some chill out time now.  This ain’t gonna be your first impulse though.  You’re gonna wanna bring the noise—roar some; but it depends on whether you want to play the long game to victory, like Leo Barack Obama or the short game for scraps. Taking the time to “study your own mind,” like my grandma used to say, will allow you to discover your “new” sensitive spots before someone else does and pokes at ‘em with you unawares.

#Heartstrings:  The top of the week may find you less in the mood and more blunt than you might be normally.  I mean, you might think grunts are full answers, but most of us don’t know whatchu sayin’. Push through it, because the sourpussness of  a Leo ain’t pretty or cute.  (Thank goodness it doesn’t last long either.)   You can make things right with your natural buoyancy by showering a love interest or a loved one with your luscious attention and sense of play. Matter of fact, let that playful side inspire you to be inventive as your creativity is what’s gonna save the day.

#MoneyMoves: Here’s where you’re feeling the most dynamic changes.  I imagine it’s been tough with this economy, even if you’re gainfully and happily employed.  This is partly because the secret to your money mojo is your confidence, and like I’ve been saying that’s been “challenged” for a lil bit.   Not only is Leo back on the rise, but with Mars, the warrior planet, in your money sign, Virgo, now is the time to scrutinize your finances and really trim the waste.  You got a hole in your pocket, Lion(ess) that perhaps you’ve not been noticing.  Patch it and watch the change.