Leo  [July 22nd to Aug 21st]

#MeTime:  Interval physical training is mixing up high intensity bursts with low intensity exercise to burn more fat.  Life works kinda like that for you this week, Leo, regardless of your relationship with body fat.  Last week’s full moon symbolized one of those high intensity bursts. This week as the Sun and Mercury all end up in Pisces, I recommend you take it easy.  Otherwise, you might really feel drained, though you feel flushed with energy at some points. You don’t have to become a shut-in, but playing the catch-up game without rushing would serve you well.


#Heartstrings:  That giant sucking noise you may or may not hear is a psychic and physical energy drain that you feel as three planets step into Pisces this week.  Your spirits are up as Venus, goddess of love and delight, keeps rockin’ steady in the part of your chart craving adventure and stimulation.  So you may not be as socially active as you would like, but keeping the excitement closer to home may be just the solution to do just enough.

#MoneyMoves: You’re still going through the Mars retrograde shakedown now. Mars is in your money sign, Virgo, and when he retrogrades, it’s time to revisit and review how you’re spending your money.  You can be a risk-taker with money, especially when your ego is full-on.  It’s probably not right now. You’re just getting your bearings.  So look at your portfolio or your bank account.  I mentioned a few weeks ago that you had a hole in your pocket.  If you’ve patched it, great. But I sense there are still some more places where you can save some change.   If you’ve gotten them all, then look how you can increase the value of property you already own.