Leo  [July 22nd to Aug 21st]

#MeTime:  You can tell a lot about a person from the mug shot they take when they’re arrested.  Some look defiant. Others look shocked.  Some smile.  This isn’t a lead in to predicting that you’re about to get arrested or go to jail.  It’s to get you thinking about who do you become when you are confronted with the toll of your actions, including just living.  This week’s new moon in Pisces gets you thinking about your own mortality, taxes, and your legacy.  So how do you greet those moments? Smiling? Looking like you walked out of car wreck? If you think your mug shot won’t look so hot, then it’s time to start making corrections now.


#Heartstrings:  Leos are usually more comfortable getting their feelings out in the open when the display demonstrates their power; however, if Leos have to be vulnerable, then they’re quieter, at their own detriment.  With this new moon in Pisces, “roaring” your feelings when you’re vulnerable is most definitely a turn-on, despite what your pride may tell you.  It’s a way to keep the air clear open with friends, family, and lovers.  If you choose to keep your roar to yourself now, then that’ll make your energy and body tight. Nobody really digs a bound-up lion. #justsayin

#MoneyMoves: Although Mercury is not retrograde now, you want to pay attention to the fine print of things. Missed important details could lead to binding agreements, extra charges and losses that you don’t want.  Likewise, if something seems too good to be true this week, it most likely is.  It’s not so much that people are tryin’ to get over now. There might be some of that from a couple of hustlers. But the real lesson here is whether you’re paying enough attention or just going through the motions.  Don’t settle for the easy fix, especially as it concerns your money or your dreams. Stay on point!