Leo  (July 22nd to August 21st)

#MeTime:  A few weeks ago a Leo asked me a question on twitter: how do I manage a bunch of water signs in my department?  Now she made it sound like she was suddenly managing a bunch of small primates who had yet to develop opposable thumbs in very tight quarters, but I gave her a sound answer anyway. Inspire, I wrote, and give ‘em something to believe in. With this 1st Quarter moon on the horizon, I think she needs to put this in full effect, cuz that’s what Leos have to do now.  It doesn’t matter if you have staff with opposable thumbs or not.  Tap into people’s dreams and deep-seated need to believe in something and you’ll achieve more than you thought you could.


#Heartstrings:  One of the dopest things about Leos is y’all can speak with utter authority on things that you don’t know anything about—and sound believable. It’s even cute when it’s not high stakes, like bragging about your fave football team without knowing a touchback from a touchdown.  It’s even doper when it is something you do know.  But it sucks when you act clueless about things we all know you know and then get too uppity to be checked on your word.  Trust ain’t a four-lettered word and shouldn’t be treated like one.  Having trust in you might be the bare minimum that someone important is asking of you and you can’t bluff or BS your way through this.

#MoneyMoves: My sheikh recently scolded a young man in our mosque about his reluctance to give to “homeless” people on subway trains because he thought some were “obviously” scamming folks. The sheikh admitted that some could be schemin’, but that had nothing to do with whether he gave or not. The sheik said if dude felt inspired to give, he should, and let the receiver settle with his or her God about whether they were honorable in receiving it.  I think that’s advice I would pass on to you, whether you believe in God or not. Giving, when it’s from the heart, is its own reward for the person who gives it and the person who can rightly receive it.  Don’t stress about anyone’s hustle if you feel inspired to give from the heart.