Leo  (July 22nd to August 21st)

#MeTime:  A full moon in your sign this week is just the thing to kick start your Leo #roar now that Neptune has finally wafted away into Pisces.  This is a natural time to celebrate, perhaps even a half-birthday celebration. Or if that’s too corny for you, you can find something fun to do—something with a little daring to it, ideally—to reclaim your nerve.  You don’t have to bungee jump from a bridge, but something that fires up your heart would be a fitting way to embrace your power.


#Heartstrings:  Your ego may feel tentative and soft to the touch with your peeps now, as if you’ve just removed a scab.  Actually you did. Let’s call it the scab of self-doubt and plain old fear.  When a Leo gets insecure, however, they either shy away or add more BS and roar to the mix. Just fess up to all of that and reach out to some of the people you’ve either blew off or pissed off recently and deal with it squarely.  It’s time to move forward and be free of any loose ends.

#MoneyMoves: Watch out for impulse buying. I’m not saying it’s all bad, in general, but now you’re more keen to reach for something on a whim and it’s likely to be something you don’t need.  The same might hold true on the job, too.  You may feel you’re entitled to something than what’s obligated. Often, Leos have trouble distinguishing their needs from their wants.  Your needs generally help you live and your wants help you better love.  Now that Neptune is no longer clouding your sky, let’s focus on the living first. Concentrating on the loving will soon come.