Leo  [July 22nd to Aug 21st]

#MeTime: Leos are known for leadership, even the quieter ones. It often means that people, in some form or fashion, look to you for guidance or understanding. As Mercury slows his roll in your sign of Wisdom, Aries, you’ll be re-evaluating and looking closely at how you lead. From my experience, leadership is always a matter of character before it’s a matter of catchphrases or the titles before or after your name.  Look at what about your character are the things that you wouldn’t follow and if you’re living a philosophy that inspires the best out of people.


#Heartstrings:  The week opens up with a showdown between the Moon and Jupiter and Venus, right in the parts of the Zodiac Lounge that deal with home and work for you. It seems the fault-line for possible shakeups in your life will between managing responsibilities at home or work, and you may not feel like dealing with either.  It could be likely that someone may be pressuring you to do something that’s relatively minor, but you may stubborn about it based on principle. Now I’m not one to come between a person and his/her principles, but I gotta ask you: are your principles larger than a situation or is the situation larger than both you and your principles? If the latter, think about principles you’ve outgrown and what happened afterwards. If the same thing happened with this principle, how might things look different?

#MoneyMoves: There’s a grand chorus of 4 planets—Mars, Jupiter, Pluto and Venus—in your MoneyMoves signs, so this is among the best of times to re-organize and re-set your money earning/saving potential. For the first part of this year, I talked to you a lot about cutting waste and losses.  If you’ve been on point about that, now is about fortifying your gains and maximizing your potential. In other words, go hard in making moves now. You ain’t got to sell no wolf tickets for this show. Just step up about what you want and expectant that you can get it.