Leo  [July 22nd to August 21st]

Last week I talked about the element of fire making a comeback after months of air and water riding hard in the skies now. For you, it signals a time you get a little more familiar with your terrain. And I’m extending the idea of terrain here to include everything from your bedroom to your boardroom. Here’s the thing though: don’t assume you know it's cold. I don’t mean that someone’s jumped up and changed your bedroom without you knowing or any other space of yours. But it’s you who may have changed, and there are things that may appear glaringly obvious about what’s around you that you hadn’t noticed before. Before you start “marking” your territory with changes though, get to know it. Play with it. Get even a little more primal with it, by smelling and touching it. This sets the stage for priming your instincts, prepping you for making bigger changes.

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