Leo  [July 22nd to Aug 21st]

#MeTime: This week opens up with the Sun in Aries and the moon in Taurus at your royal table at the Zodiac Lounge.  Both planets are in signs that are considered VIP by most astrologers and for you that means that you’re likely to feel like the cat’s meow, perhaps with good reason. Life ain’t been no crystal stair for you over the last couple of years, so you might feel like you deserve the right to be a lil sadity. Well, I feel we can either earn privilege or have it naturally.  Regardless, the question is what you do with it.  So now that you have a lil clout, what’s the best way to work it? I’m sure it’s wasted on being sadity. #justsayin


#Heartstrings:  This might be the worst part of the Mercury retrograde period for you because Mercury is now sitting all cockeyed in the Pisces seat of your table. This might the time where it’s best to keep sensitive issues or topics closer to your chest as some loose lips around you could sink some still not so sea-worthy ships you’ve got floating. You might also bristle a little more than usual at the way someone talks to you, so you may have to spend some time teaching folks how to talk to you.  See the sadity note from above and remember to curb that as that’s not going to create the best atmosphere for understanding, connection, or correction.

#MoneyMoves: With Venus, Jupiter and the Moon all sitting in your career sign, Taurus, it’s time to act like a cat with nine lives and make the most of all possible situations, including the good ones now. I’m also feelin’ the Sun and Uranus all bundled up in Aries together in the long-range vision seat of your table.  So you get some of the best of all worlds here, so to speak. You got the earthiness of Taurus to make some tactical decisions that need to be made and you’ll have the insight to see what are some trends and benefits you can snag long term. #Sweet!