Leo [July 22nd to August 21st]

#MeTime: Usually a Sphinx has the body of a lion, a metaphor for the raw force of the mythical creature. But I think the Sphinx has an additional message for you, Leo, this week. The sphinx holds a mystery, a riddle that requires silence. The required silence generates energy that, with wisdom, can be released at the right time with greater effect. With a face-off between Saturn and Sun capping the week, this suggests to me that more quiet time is a way for you re-fuel your reserves and allow you to get in touch with your core ideals and beliefs that are best expressed in action than words, or worse, boast or bravado.


#Heartstrings: The top part of your week is likely to be very different from the bottom half of your week. Leos are known for some kind of performance, it’s been said. If that’s true, every performance requires time in rehearsal and backstage beforehand. This is the rehearsal and backstage time. In your relationships, you might feel now is a necessary time to spend some away from your crew or a loved one. You’re not going to feel like being “on” until midweek. Near the end of the week would be a better time to plan more fun things, especially with friends.

#MoneyMoves: Mars moving ahead in your Virgo money section might remind you a little like the roar an office manager might deliver after coming back from a two-week vacation and finding the voicemail box full, papers messily stacked on his desk and no paperclips. You might not feel like you’ve been “responsible” enough. Don’t beat yourself up about it too much, but do acknowledge that the “little” stuff has gotten out of whack and it’s time to fix it. Think about breaking up the large tasks into much smaller tasks, setting out to accomplish one of those smaller tasks over regular intervals, like one an hour or every two hours. Or this. Build your victories bit by bit rather than beating yourself up or overcompensating with attempting to do too much at once.