Leo  (July 22nd to August 21st)

#MeTime: You have every right to feel like an emperor or empress before she consolidates her power, simplifies her problems, and receives her crown—except it’s “really the day before” your coronation. You’re almost there to experience the “crowning” moment of some desired significant goal you’ve had in mind for months (possibly years); but with Mercury and Uranus teamed up this week, a dynamic partnership of “anything could happen,” you should still be prepared for any sudden changes, including the ones that could be beneficial. Stay focused rather than caught up in a fait accompli about what’s coming your way.


#Heartstrings: As I’ve said before, I like how Leos rise to the occasion under pressure, and it’s on for you in the career/achievement department now. This, of course, affects your relationships as Leos play second fiddle only to their work. So the challenge here is how to be a good human being while simultaneously functioning as a wondrous wonder of a highly motivated and accomplished human doing! Start with respecting time itself, recognizing it as a gift for you to accomplish your goals and to share with another as you choose. It’s not just there to be used without appreciation. It’s not there for you to kill, but to make and share. Once you satisfy that respect, next respect the time someone shares with you. It’s just as precious.

#MoneyMoves:  The Sun in Taurus, flexing his powerful muscles at the career seat of your table at the Zodiac Lounge, is what puts all this pressure on. But the pressure is mostly within, though it might appear differently.  Your own desires are what set in motion the response from the “cosmos” that sometimes blows back like a stiff wind in your face and at other times like gracious breeze at your back. Just a reminder that you are the captain of the ship that you’ve set in motion, so don’t fall for the okie-doke with blame when things go wrong or praise when everything is wonderful. Stay on course.  Mercury and Uranus highlight your wisdom to see sh-t from shineola and have ideas that help you prosper. You’re building toward a satisfying culmination point for this season, so keep on the hunt, Leo!