Leo  [July 22nd to August 21st]

#MeTime: Singer Sade said “love is stronger than pride,” but we might not be too sure about that with you this week. This “Buddha” full moon at the end of the week is a test of your ability to be passionate, but yet allow life to happen without believing you can control the key elements of it, especially when you experience disappointment or pain.   Pride seems to be an interesting thing for Leos, because everyone seems to talk about it in relation to you all. I think the better word is dignity. If something or someone is compromising your dignity, then they’re challenging your humanity and basic self-worth as a person. If someone is not giving as much dignity as someone else, then he or she is likely offending your pride. Keep your self-worth, because that’s what love demands of us. But your pride is not something that should trump your love.


#Heartstrings: You might feel like throwing someone in your lion’s den at the top of the week, because they’ve disappointed you or offended you willfully.  The challenge is whether you’re going to let your feelings about one incident or person affect your other relationships and overall feelings.  One way around this is to acknowledge that you don’t always have to be above it all. Sometimes it’s good to acknowledge the pain or your wounds, so you can at least address them yourself first and perhaps then talk it out with another person or the person who hurt you.

#MoneyMoves:  You’re about a week from that culmination point I’ve been talking about, so it’s important not to get derailed by drama or your own prickly feelings now. When I was a power-starved teen, like most teens, I bought a book called Ninja Mind Control. I thought the book would show me how to be a ninja and control people’s minds. It actually is a book that teaches “ninja” techniques to control your own mind. At the time, I couldn’t see the wisdom of that, so I threw the book away. Now I can, and this week you will too.  Your goals might be external, but your response to your goals and what gets in your way is all internal. Use whatever techniques, including ninja ones, that keep you calm and in the zone. They will help you.