Leo [July 22nd to Aug 21st]

#MeTime: You know what’s hot about y’all, especially this week? It’s that when Leo’s back is against the wall or when people are ready to count you out for the count, that’s when y’all spring back to life even more. It makes me think of this song by #Leo Madonna, who’s career is still going strong. Or how Bill Clinton was counted out during his presidency. Or our current Leo president, Barack Obama, during so many times during his run for office and the run for his second term. Last week, you might have been tempted to rest on your laurels. This week you don’t have that luxury. But I sense that you’re committed to being better this week and that makes you the best for now.


#Heartstrings: Most people don’t see a difference between being self-absorbed and selfish. This week you might be more along the self-absorbed end of the spectrum, and I think that’s more benign than selfish. We could think about the difference like we think about hearing. Self-absorbed means that you’re so into your music, workout, or talking point that you don’t hear what someone is saying. Selfish means that you don’t want to hear what they’re saying and you’d ignore it even if you heard it. Of course, from the outside, it all looks the same. I’d think the solution is to stay hooked into what you’re really grooving, but leave room for the possibility that you might get some other stimuli or someone else could need you. It’s like working out with your music, but not so loud that you can’t hear what’s going on around you. Stay open without looking for distraction in in your deepest pleasure. No mean feat, but you were born a Leo for a reason.

#MoneyMoves: At the end of the week, Mars finally gets his planetary act together and stops going retrograde in your money sign, Virgo. It signals a time when you can feel you gain greater traction with resources rather than the sneaking feeling that there’s some air leaking out your metaphorical tires. It’s not all rose petals now though, because between Mercury getting back on his feet and Mars taking even longer to do so, you’re going to need patience. Or you’re going to need extensions on handling things, like certain payments or things that are due, as you’ll feel like you’re playing a catch up game with time. Stay cool and take comfort that you’re moving forward, even it’s not going as fast or in the same direction as you thought you were heading.