Leo  [July 22nd to August 21st]

#MeTime: It’s interesting that as the Sun prepares to leave your power seat in Taurus this week, Mercury gains more ground in that area.  This lets me know that what you’ve put forward in action over the last few weeks is now gaining traction in your mind and other people’s minds too.  So let’s say you’ve gotten a promotion or some recognition recently. It’s time to think about how you “cash in” on that, making the investments you need to make to fully step into the “role,” or to ground your change in status in the minds of others though publicity or networking. Let the world know what’s been going on with you, beyond friends and family!


#Heartstrings: Venus’ retrograde on Tuesday will definitely alter the flow of some of your relationships, particularly friendships and perhaps some of the day to day communication you have with close ones, including siblings. Venus is all about how we experience the power of attraction and affinity. When Venus retrogrades, like Mercury retrogrades, it’s an adjustment period to find your groove with folks, so there’s some unintentional mixing and scratching.  The best course of action is to avoid the impulse to assume you know what someone likes. Be open to “wooing” significant people in your life anew—reaching for new modes of connection, not the same ol’ same ol’.

#MoneyMoves:  Impulse shopping is not your friend at the top of the week. It’s one thing to say you deserve a reward for the hard work you’ve been doing for the last few months, but don’t overdo it.  Toward the middle of the week, you can settle into a different flow without the urge to be self-indulgent. Overall, the next week is gonna be a “funny money” kind of week because of the adjustment you’ll be making with the Venus retrograde.  But money isn’t the key challenge. You may feel the desire to rest on your laurels, but don’t. You have new ones to earn and old ones to tend to.