Leo  [July 22nd to August 21st]

#MeTime: I love it when people say, “Curiosity killed the cat.” I usually ask them to do one thing: name “the cat.”  Of course, they usually can’t and that’s my whole point.  When people talk about dead cats and curiosity, I can never tell what kind of phobia has surfaced: a fear of bold inquiry or ailurophobia (a fear of cats).  Last Sunday’s solar eclipse lets me know that you’ve traded in fear for focus and you’re ready to let yourself roar…mightily.  So, have a clear intention to pursue your curiosities without getting too twisted about the sacrifices involved! Other people may make a big deal about curiosity and dead cats. But you know a different thing: A cat has nine lives, right? And you’re just getting (re)started!


#Heartstrings: If I could give a section heading for your sign for the next three months, I would dub it “Right script, wrong page.” This solar eclipse from last Sunday augurs you to think about the connections you make and what they’re really made of. In other words, how you’re on the right page with folks. I don’t know a Leo who doesn’t value loyalty, but loyalty really has to based on more than how many years you’ve known someone or how you’ve gone through “hell and back” with someone.  Loyalty is as much a statement about the future as it is about the past. It is a principle that recognizes that debts and obligations are poor measures of loyalty. Loyalty is a love that stands by you because it recognizes your inherent worth. At your best moments this week, you’ll honor the worth of those you love with your loyalty and make sure to spend time with them. At your worst, you may stir up a little drama to see how loyal some people are. Do I need to say be at your best?

#MoneyMoves:  Tunnel vision can be a very great thing…when you’re actually in a tunnel. When you’re not, you could become that guy/gal in four-lane traffic who treats the middle lane as the slow lane.  Or your own personal “sight-seeing” lane.  For your grind, though, tunnel vision will keep you focused and on task. It’s on the interpersonal tip where you’re going to have to watch yourself.  Somehow you might have the notion that compromise is really a synonym for a four-lettered word. Okay, then nix compromise. Go for finding the right context.  As with our metaphor above, if you drove on a four lane highway as if you were in a two-lane tunnel, you might create problems.  But you can find the right lane to be in your own zone in the right context.  Shift contexts if you can’t figure out a way toward compromise. Maybe that will lead to a much better win-win scenario for you.