Leo  [July 22nd to August 21st]

#MeTime: Let me share with you a quizzical quote I came upon last week in an equally “strange” book called The Phoenician Letters by W.G. Davies:  “The crown has no centre, but it describes a centre, for it surrounds it by declaring what the centre is not.” You’re going toward a crowning moment of achievement and significant success; it doesn’t matter whether the world views it as small or large. However, the “crown” is a big fat “zero” adorned with a rim of gold and jewels on the outside.  It defines what the world sees, not the one who wears it.  Keep in mind that duality as you build toward consolidating the gains and efforts you’ve been mustering up for this year and perhaps even far earlier.


#Heartstrings: For all the talk about Leos being selfish and self-centered, you’re equally generous and magnanimous.  Although the modern conversation about class (the 99% vs. 1%) is about money now, it was once more about character, which is why nobility is about a class and a behavior.  No matter what “class” you actually are, Leo, your best asset this week is your sense of class and nobility.  Nobility, at its best, is about having the intention to be kind, especially if you won’t or can’t receive anything in return.  Allow yourself to be that noble soul fully to “whoever” this week, but especially to those you love.  We often get so caught up in the petty tallies of everyday life that we forget the spontaneous beauty of wiping slates clean or increasing assets for those who can hurt us most.  You, Leo, are regal at doing that.

#MoneyMoves:  The culmination point for any advances you’ve been striving for recently arrives at the very end of this week, when the grand chariot of the Sun parks alongside the Big Daddy Cadillac of planets, Jupiter. This signals a time when “luck” is on your side. If luck is really preparation meeting opportunity as it’s been said, then it’s also having the right mindset too. Remember you earned this, whether you “deserved” it or not. I make a distinction between deserving something and earning it. Deserving something can mean being entitled to a thing regardless of the work done to merit it, like getting a passport as a citizen. However, earning something means being entitled to a thing because of the work done to merit it, like a diploma for a student.  Acknowledge your work and those who honor you because of it.