Leo  [July 22nd to August 21st]

#MeTime: At best, over the last month, you’ve been clearing space for a new set of activities that isn’t about worldly success. It’s about taking off the armor of “battle” to discover the other armor you’ve been wearing underneath. You might also discover the places in your psyche that have never been armored. This is a time to heal and often when that time comes, many of us would rather do anything else.  A key place to start is right around you, especially with the people who don’t have to be around you by blood-ties.


#Heartstrings: Friends and associates may grow in significance this week, because they relate to that aspect of our minds and consciousness where we choose to project actively who we are.  Over the last year or so, you’ve been attempting to claw out of a funk and it appears you’re on the other end of that.  Now it’s time to figure out how to foster a sharper sense of purpose in your connections with others. That’s sometimes tricky business because there’s a fine line between building connections with purpose and flat-out using people.  One key difference between the two is in the terms of agreement from the get-go. With true friends, the most basic of agreements is that you stick to the purpose of supporting the best possible versions of each other, even when the worst version occasionally shows up. It’s time to figure out if that’s what you’re willing to be and do with the people you call friends. Otherwise, create different terms and be clear about what those are.

#MoneyMoves: A paramedic friend of mine recently confirmed something that I had suspected for years: in the midst of great change or crisis, including impending death, people will obsess about the smallest of details, like trying to fasten a button that won’t button.  Well, I don’t perceive that your change or crisis will be as great, but your obsession may be quite powerful now. So this week you might find yourself fixated on something that may seem really important, but, if you think harder about it, isn’t, like alphabetizing your CD collection or clearing and organizing your computer desktop & folders.  Treat this all as a messenger. The message is that there’s an aspect of a change that’s happening that worries or even frightens you.  Let this seep into your consciousness slowly as the rawness of it will become clearly evident soon enough. Don’t beat yourself up about it or lose yourself in the fear.  Be patient and use the laser focus of your obsessive mind to solve a different problem rather than something like alphabetizing.