Leo  [July 22nd to August 21st]

#MeTime: Your sign is associated with the stage and drama, because your sign details how we project, present, and represent our identities.  However, projections, presentations, and representations can be out of alignment with what matters most—the heart.  Now is a time when you might find it hard to fake it. You might try to mask your true feelings with sarcasm or vague, nicer sounding platitudes, but it could be your tone that betrays you.  Or you could be firm, strict and clear in speech, but then feel tight in the heart. For you, Leo, it’s all heart now, baby.  You don’t have to wear your feelings on your sleeves, but don’t think by rolling your sleeves up that you ain’t got to deal with ‘em.


#Heartstrings: As idiotic as this may sound, a lot of people don’t know what friendship is about, though they may have hundreds or even thousands of “friends” in social media. As Jupiter journeys deeper into Gemini, the chair of your friends and associates committee at the Zodiac Lounge, you can expect that his year-long sojourn will give you a deeper appreciation and understanding of what a friend is.  From my theatre days, I learned that characters play high status or low status between each other and that’s usually pretty static.  For instance, a king and his servant aren’t usually friends, because the king always has to play high status unless there’s a reversal.  But between “friends,” there’s a dynamic where high or low status could change from day to day or year to year.  If your friendships aren’t dynamic, with 4 planets in Gemini now, it’s time to look closer at why.

#MoneyMoves: The cosmic side-eye casserole between Uranus, the planetary Molotov cocktail-thrower, and Pluto, the soul-piercing ninja king, could provide a challenge to your great sense of faith in the order and sense of things. The way through this could be summed up in a story I heard recently. A man decides to climb a high mountain, tethered to a rope as he climbs. Nightfall comes and instead of stopping, he decides to continue.  As he climbs, he loses his footing. He falls and falls, screaming into the night, until miraculously his tether grapples onto a branch, leaving him suspended in the air. He prays to God and proclaims his faith that only God can help. The man hears a voice, “If you believe that only I can help you, as you say, cut the rope.” The next morning, rescue workers find a man, frozen to death, suspended by a rope tangled in a branch…and hanging six feet off the ground.  Leo, if you have the intuition to cut the rope, then…