Leo  [July 22nd to Aug 21st]

#MeTime: Rather than talking about ego, something often discussed when Leo comes up, I prefer to focus on dignity.  Ego has gotten a bad rep over the last few decades as something bad.  One of my spiritual teachers says the ego is your spacesuit and you can’t be out and about without it. Unfortunately, people confuse the spacesuit with being who they are. That’s the problem with ego. Dignity is different.  Dignity is honoring the spacesuit and the privilege of inhabiting it.  Go for the dignity and honoring the dignity of others. There’s a lot happening in the sky that could get you attached to ego rather than dignity these days.  Once you get caught up in the spacesuit, you might forget why you’re in it in the first place: to explore and appreciate what’s around you. Ask yourself if that’s happening enough before you go too far into something or someone that’s cutting you off from your joy and more into your delusions of power.


#Heartstrings: Your planetary patron, the Sun, gets in a street fight with Pluto, the keeper of secrets, so you’re either struggling to keep something from getting out or you’re trying to pry something out from somebody else.  We could also be talking about a mixture of both things happening. Regardless, one thing is usually clear: you don’t want to be the one who ends up belly up first.  So think about these two questions: if you’re belly up first (or vulnerable), what’s the worse that can happen and is the fight to keep things as they are worth the possible aftermath? If you can answer those two questions clearly, then fight on. Otherwise, veer more toward vulnerability.

#MoneyMoves: You usually give to those in need from your heart, but it’s not always wise to give just from your feelings—especially now.  Your heart pumps generosity like the Sun beams light—for its own sake.  However, your feelings can be easily manipulated by other intentions that are not as “pure” as giving from the heart.  For instance, you don’t have to give or donate from a place of guilt or fear. Give because it’s your heart’s delight and you’ll feel better about where your money is going. You can also give of your time now, especially for charitable causes, for the same reason.