Leo  (July 22nd to August 21st)

Don’t underestimate the power of rest, Lion, especially if you’ve been working hard. “Eureka!” the ancient Greek equivalent for the urban “YASSSS!” is attributed to Archimedes, an ancient scholar who was trying to figure out how a homey got scammed. He was on the brink of giving up when he decided to take a bath. (I guess all that thinking got him dirty? Ionno.) Anyway, as he settles into the bath, he spontaneously gets the insight into how his buddy got scammed, and then screams “Eureka!” Your “Yasss!” moment is coming. (Cuz I can’t imagine you getting caught alive saying “Eureka!” to your peoples.) Now, it won’t come from a string of luxurious baths, though that might seem nice. It comes in tandem with hard work and rest. And most likely come when you’re not expecting. But whatever you do, don’t forget the rest part.

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