Leo  [July 22nd to August 21st]

#MeTime: Leo season is upon us and perhaps not a moment too soon for you.  Perchance the Sun going into its own sign will be just the thing to recharge your batteries.  This is going to take a little time, so don’t rush for change before you genuinely feel the inclination and energy to make things happen. You’ve had a busy spring and now is the time to re-acclimate your mind and energy to deliver a new set of intentions. Ease into that. Last week and most of this week will be good times to take stock of where you’ve been. As we go toward the new moon in the middle of the week, you’ll feel at the cusp of seeing more of where you’re going.


#Heartstrings:  In the night sky, Mars gets into a stare-down contest with Uranus over what you’re going to focus in on.  On the ground, this is when you can focus on the macro-scope of what your relationships (and lives) can look like or you can get bogged down with Mercury retrograde-fueled arguments over really silly stuff.  One caution I might give is to think about the first thing that’s about to fly out your mouth, even if you think it’s completely innocuous. It likely has a little more edge than you suspect.  If that’s what you want to deliver, go ahead. But your “edge” would be better spent on cutting through minutiae to focus on what’s holding you back from having the kind of relationships you desire. This is especially true if you’re single.  It may be a little more obvious to see that now.

#MoneyMoves: Some people say that people face destruction and wastefulness from a lack of knowledge.  I think it’s also true according to scripture that people perish from a lack of vision as well.  The next few weeks is about fixing your vision, Leo.  Knowledge is important to get and to have. Brokers know a great deal about how to make other people rich, but may lack the vision or scope to do it for themselves, for example.  So think deeper and clearer about how you can manifest a better destiny for yourself. It could be about money. It could be about freedom. It could be about deeper and more loving relationships. Or everything (and more) above. But create clear actions for how that happens, not just lovely intentions or shiny facts.