Leo  [July 22nd to August 21st]

#MeTime: Although Venus & Jupiter are both suggesting that you be more social now that may not be what you would desire to do on your own. I actually would agree with you.  However, you can’t take yourself completely offline now as this week is an auspicious time to connect with folks, especially in re-formulating or shoring up your networking base.  So be sure to make a fair amount of space for reflection or quiet time this week. The full moon on Tuesday could represent a time when you get some clarity on the crow’s nest that some problem has built in your “subconscious.” You have to reserve time for that, so some emotional and spiritual energy that’s been pent up can be released for the next cycle coming up.


#Heartstrings: I sense perhaps that you’re growing weary of the starry, ebony sky demanding requesting that you essentially be emotionally naked and raw with folks lately.  Well, I think this comes to a head this week with the full moon and you might put more emotionally on the line than you’ve had for awhile.  There’s been a lot happening beneath the surface and you’re not always comfortable with those spaces when having to deal with others.  Your stilo is usually to shy away, and the cosmos is probably not making that easy for you, even if you’re single.  You may have to face similar issues that you’ve mainly faced with lovers with colleagues, for example. Stay true to keeping two things online: your dignity and integrity. Your ego, you should check at the door.

#MoneyMoves: If you don’t have some clear ritual or act that marks the transition between your work life and your personal life, you might need that now.  It’s not so much that you’re a workaholic, though there may be some hint of that, as much as you may find it hard to turn of the chatter and clanging of work off in your personal space.  This could include even some “psychic crowding,” meaning people and problems that take up residence in your psyche when you’re attempting to relax or get in a different space.  Some people keep their shoes at the inner door of their apartment or house to mark a transition between “outside” and “inside,” for instance.