Leo  (July 22nd to August 21st)

I’m wholly expecting you to say something like, “Now summer has officially arrived,” since we’re in Leo season now. I won’t hate on that. And look: the Cosmos is even greeting you with a full moon on the first day of Leo on Monday. So it’s show time all right. There’s only one little hitch, but fortunately it comes more toward the end of the week. You still have a case of stage fright, and you may not feel as sure of yourself as you hoped you’d be now. That’s okay. Instant confidence dulls your senses, and makes you feel confident but usually look and sound foolish. True confidence is rooted in knowing where you have true power, not by the accolades, recognition, or approval. Your true power is letting the truth of your generous and proud heart shine.  Even if you only have little of that to give right now, give ALL of it.

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