Leo  [July 22nd to August 21st]

#MeTime: Forgive me, but I can’t seem to get Will Smith’s rendition of the “The Champ is here!” from “Ali” out of my head now that it’s Leo your season.  Leo time is tantamount to the Earth letting down its mane and luxuriating in the heat of the Sun, at least in the Northern hemisphere. This should prove no less true for you, except you are also feeling yourself as the Sun.  That comes with responsibility, of course. If you’re going to be the Sun, the King or Queen, then you better shine, dammit, and not just floss. Shining is different.  Shining is being gracious enough to share your generous light and love with others. Flossing is when you work hard to outshine others.  You don’t have to do that. You’re the Sun, remember?


#Heartstrings:  Overall, there’s no big square offs or showdowns this week, except for this 1st quarter moon. You could call that side-eye between the Sun in your sign and the moon in Scorpio.  That’s usually suggestive of having to stand your ground with someone who’s testing your resolve. It also can amp up your libido, to be blunt.  So how do you deal with both possibilities at once, especially if you could be talking about the same person? Well, your heart and the passion of your convictions are among your sexiest traits, my fine feline friend.  Of course, there’s a fine line between that and just being ornery. You’ll know you’re on the ornery side when your heart isn’t it, but you like making the person react.  Let that go.

#MoneyMoves: Toward the end of the week, Mercury and the Sun cuddle up in your sign. This both caps some issues for this week and sets in motion new financial and work intentions for the balance of the year.  It’s best to keep these intentions close to your chest because they may not make as much sense to others. Or someone may add their two cents before you’ve gotten out a full penny of your own thoughts. So process these visions and ideas on your own, either by drawing, writing, or using voice-memo, to just get them out of your head.