Leo  [July 22nd to August 21st]

#MeTime: Mercury going retrograde in your sign at the end of the week may test more of your resolve than you were expecting this summer.  You probably won’t experience anywhere near the confusion you may have felt when Neptune was pressing all your buttons while she was journeying through your opposite sign, Aquarius, a year ago. However, this Mercury retrograde may surface some old ego wounds that haven’t had time to quite heal, so there’s some hazard of a broken record happening now, as in either you become the broken record or someone else.  Don’t shy too far from hearing the stuff you’d rather not hear. It’s surfacing for a reason.


#Heartstrings: A friend of mine recently got really excited about some dude who blew into her life with a lot of symbolic fanfare, meaning she came to spot things associated with him everywhere. Then it flatlined—he punked out on following up with her on everything and it all culminated with her getting a call from him repeatedly at 3 am in the morning with no voice message or follow up text.  “Why did the Universe send me so many signs that something could happen only for things to fizzle out?” she pined one afternoon to me.  Perhaps you’re wondering the same about the signs, about the tangible motions of progress and healing you’ve experienced these last few months to only feel like things are slipping away.  Well, there’s a similar answer. The Universe never wastes. What appears as dead-ends, redundancies, or errors is really Earth’s life script with…edits.  The same reason why you can function with one kidney though you have two and you have organs and teeth you don’t need.  Yet every day greets you with seemingly infinite possibilities as if none of that matters (because it doesn’t for the purpose of you finding those possibilities.) Also keep in mind that some edits lead to better ideas for different scripts too.

#MoneyMoves: There’s no getting around the disruption that Mercury retrograde can yield with your finances. It doesn’t mean that the worst is at hand, though. It’s more like Mercury, in your sign no less, plays tricks on you, partly out of mischief and one other part just to see what he can get away with.  So you’re going to have to be careful about taking yourself too seriously.  So if you can’t find your wallet, it doesn’t mean that it’s been stolen. It might be an opportunity to test your faith in your own memory or that of your fellow wo/man to return lost objects (with all the cash you had still there.) Think fast, move slower.