Leo  [July 22nd to August 21st]

#MeTime: Venus’ slip into Cancer may prompt you toward being a bit more internal or even quiet for a little bit. Many expect a Leo to always be dramatic, playing toward the outfield and the bleachers. We know that’s not true. Sometimes a roar is to provide a distraction from the whimper from the second before.  Venus won’t keep you whimpering, but it will make it plain for you to see both the beauty and the ugliness that you keep deep inside and won’t let be seen.


#Heartstrings:  Some of the brightness of your Leo sky might get a little overcast this week, but don’t let it sour your birthday season too much. Perhaps there might be a certain sentimentality that might creep in or you might find yourself wondering aloud about whether you’ve truly mattered to others (or to those who matter most to you.) You don’t frequently allow those kind of musings, so you should be moved.  You might feel a bit more ready to show it to folks after Mercury moves forward on Wednesday.

#MoneyMoves: Newly minted ideas and initiatives gain a little traction this week, now that Mercury is righting his course in your sign.  Now it’ll be your turn to catch up. You might find yourself a little dreamier and maybe even tired for no reason.  It’s because you’re in the twilight of your season and it’s more about focusing your vision, as you might when you awake from a deep sleep.  Don’t rush that sense.  Of course, you might want to drown yourself in coffee or your favorite pep drink to get moving on the job; but resist that impulse.  Sometimes that in-between state can be fruitful for inspiration and relaxing your mind some. You might not run the tightest ship this week, but you’ll have the most interesting and inspiring one.