Libra [September 22nd to October 21st]

#MeTime:  Your genius is to find what’s unpleasant and make it pleasing, or, at least, respectable. You may need to tap more into that genius at the top of the month as Mars barrels into your routine life. He may also signal you to take careful stock of your health and fitness regimen.


#Heartstrings: Mars’ shifts at the top of the month could mirror some “colorful” episodes and some off–color language coming up. It doesn’t seem to matter who is likely to get the brunt of your temper. It could be the barista at your fave café or your boo. But don’t let your temper get out of control or your fretfulness about changes in your routine fluster you too much.

#MoneyMoves:  Be prepared to take frequent breaks as your temper could have a quicker boiling point. You might seek more immediate solutions to problems and situations than you should. Allow yourself to wend away and then back to things. Although you’re usually goaded to make decisions sooner, this month may be the month to be careful about hasty moves.

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