I’m sure you’re more than ready for Saturn to get out of your sign and off your back!  At some point over the last 2.5 years, you’ve had to hunker down under the yoke of that disciplinary planet and get stuff done, perhaps even alone.  Now that he’s in his final stretch, leaving sometime around your birthday, you’ll be dealing with his parting shots. Don’t worry: much of it won’t be anything close to the heaviness that’s been on deck for the last few years.  Now, you have a different challenge in front of you: Uranus, the planet that inspires renewal, independence and innovation, is facing you off from your opposite sign, Aries.  This may prompt the exact opposite response to what happened with Saturn.  Uranus prompts us to be true to the most unique expression of ourselves, to be uncompromising in embracing our sense of truth.  So this becomes a classic challenge for you between your storied Libra consideration and the courage of your convictions. You’re likely to get pushed off whatever fence you’ve been perched on this year, so be ready to stand up for what you think is right and go for yours.  You’re also due for some exciting new energy coming into the relationship department of your life, especially come this spring.  With Neptune, the planet without boundaries, seeping into Pisces, the life routine sign of your life, things may get murky.  You’re looking for a little inspiration with work. You might find a little umph from anything from painting your work space, to getting some feng shui, to re-thinking your line of work.  This is one area of life where you’re going to need to approach gently and patiently as the solutions may need to take time to emerge.  Toward the end of the year, Mars, Saturn and a solar eclipse in your money sign, Scorpio, will prompt you to get serious about your money and resources. I won’t say you’ll strike it rich or hit the lottery, but you’ll be thinking about where every penny goes and making sure it’s working for you.


You must sense that the new year is bringing a lot of renewal to you, so you’re ready to celebrate.  This year can start off warmly, but be careful not to overindulge and get too carried away, especially with spending.  Unfortunately, your wallet may not be as reliable as your considerable goodwill at the start of the season. By mid-winter, you’ll be making better headway with debts or any cash crunches, so don’t be too worried. That may not be the only thing that’s considerable, though. With Venus in freedom-lovin’ Aquarius sashaying flirtatiously around lusty, earthy Jupiter in Taurus, your powers of attraction are heightened, to say the least. Ultimately, this season is relatively quiet compared to the rest of the year.  Enjoy it with as much family, friends and fun as you can moderately afford and offer.


You might long for the quieter fun of winter now as spring finds you attempting to keep up with yourself.  No doubt you’re busy, but the question is busy doing what? A lot has been written about the romantic nature of Libras, but unfortunately it’s usually only about the lover aspect of Libra.  It’s certainly true that Librans are lovers and you may feel drawn to plenty of that.  However, you have high principled ideals too, so you’re also crusaders for justice, peace, like Gandhi, Jesse Jackson or bell hooks, or even for poop-free sidewalks like Libra activist Fran Lee was.  You can’t stand an injustice, no matter how small or how great.  But pick your battles wisely as whatever you make your crusade now is likely to be with you in some form or fashion for awhile.  Everything has a cost, so be sure that the work you do now is worth the price.


As the sign of the Scales, you’re all about figuring out what’s the rationale and what’s rational for all parties involved. You’re a natural peacekeeper. But the comfort of that role could get a little janky as boundaries run low and everybody’s emotions run as high as temperatures.  In the spring, you could rely on the swag of your convictions to make something happen. It won’t be as easy for you now.  Several planets in heartful Cancer along with Uranus in self-centered Aries, the planet of “marching to your own drum,” are taking issue with Pluto, the planet of depth and control, and you’re caught in the middle. You may face off against someone who pulls your heartstrings, but who may not be willing to compromise.  So don’t. Learn the fine art of crafting win-win deals rather than just settling for situations where someone either has to lose or only one person wins.


As your birthday rolls in, you may have ample opportunities to work on your newly developing skill of creating win-win scenarios. This is a fancy way of saying that you may have more of a drama-filled season and it won’t all be on tv.  Of course, there’ll be fine opportunities for nuances to your dramas, like dramedies (drama-comedic moments), dramaspense (drama-suspense moments), and erotic dramas as well.  You won’t be bored and you won’t feel like you’re draggin’ around an anchor without a ship and some sea for adventure.  As Saturn ambols into your money sign, Scorpio, you’re likely to think a little clearer and more solidly about how you’ll sustain yourself through the exciting changes ahead.  Boundaries around your life routine get murky again and you welcome inspiration with open arms.  The inspiration will find you and despite the drama (or inspite of it), much of your life seems to be finding new ways of fitting together.

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