Libra [September 22nd to October 21st]

#MeTime: It’s good to see you feeling the sway of your swag again, Libra, now that Saturn’s dreary days in your sign are over on the 5th.  Here’s what not to do though: don’t try to undo all the damage done over the last few years in this month alone. No. Just no.

#Heartstrings: Rather than focusing on the damage or perception of ground that you’ve lost these last few years, I would take more time to appreciate what or who you have rather than what you’ve lost.

#MoneyMoves:  Saturn dips into the sector of your Zodiac Lounge that handles your money, so you are going to be thinking seriously about how to make more of it. Considering it’s Saturn we’re talking about, I’d start with how to manage better what you got, including your assets and your debts

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