Libra (September 22nd to October 21st)

It’s time for a new moon/solar eclipse in Taurus on Thursday.  This means the cosmos may be directing your attention to what or whom you pay tribute to, very much like the scripture that says, “Give to Caesar what’s Caesar’s and give to God what’s God’s.” Obviously, Caesar (and perhaps God) can apply to many other things or people.  The moral of this story is to realize that you can’t be on Life’s treadmill and trust that the “tolls” along the road are what you want to pay, who you should be paying them to, or that the road is leading you to where you want to go. If this sounds like one of those weeks where you’re asking “What’s my life about?” then you’re feeling me. Last week was about the money. This week is what’s the money going to mean as you get more of it.

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