Libra (September 22nd to October 21st)

With all the romance attached to Valentine’s Day, you would think St. Valentine was actually a Libra, as your sign is known to be very romantic. But the true origin of St. Valentine’s Day has only a little to do with actual romance and a lot more to do with justice, another big theme for your sign. One story of St. Valentine is that he was martyred for wedding Christian couples in a once decidedly anti-Christian Rome in the 3rd century.  A full moon this week may bring romance and justice together for you, however. It may be that you want all the excitement and romantic frills of Valentine’s Day, but you may feel something is off or unfair in how you’re connecting with someone (if you’re in a relationship) or how you’re attempting to connect (if you’re not). I say lean on the side of justice and make sure you’re getting your fair share.

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