Libra (September 22nd to October 21st)

We’re approaching the last full week of Libra season, and the cosmos has a parting gift of a lunar eclipse for you. This is significant because it signals some changes to come for you with other eclipses over the next year or so. Eclipses have gotten a bad rep, considering royalty would historically retain or detain their astrologers based on how they forecast their fortune at eclipses.  Fortunately, neither one of us has our entire fortunes tied only to eclipses. This first round of eclipses will activate your Libra planets, so you may find that there are changes happening with your identity, tastes, and ways of thinking at a quicker clip than usual.  Your partners will either have to adjust or step aside. It might feel like madness at first, but you’re only trying on new dimensions of yourself to reach higher and farther.

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