Libra (September 22nd to October 21st)
Now that you’re processing the lunar eclipse in your sign from a few weeks ago, it’s time for the solar eclipse in Scorpio on Sunday. (It also happens to be the day in most US states that we go back to standard time, during a Mercury Retrograde. Fun times indeed, especially at the top of the week!)  Like I said last week, the booster shot of eclipses take some time to take hold, like 3 months on average, but this one happens in the part of your celestial chart that deals with how you keep up your sense of value, both psychologically and financially. On the positive side, it’s a pow-erful time to consolidate any gains you’ve made during the year so far. On the more challenging side, you’re pressed to take a good hard look at how you value yourself and whether you’re really living at that level of value… or if you want to.

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