Libra (September 22nd to October 21st)

This week something important happens for Libra influenced people everywhere: Mars, the patron planet of your polar opposite sign, Aries, takes residence in your sign on the day of “infamy,” December 7, until July 2014. That’s highly unusual. Mars stays so long because he retrogrades on March 1st, and then has to play the catch up game later on. What’s all that mean for you? At first, as in this weekend and perhaps into next week, you could become more prickly and touchy than you are usually. But as you and Mars settle in with each other, something else will start to kick in. You may be more driven and non-compromising than you regularly are.  That’s a very good thing for getting things accomplished, but you may have to refine your art of finding win-win situations with folks in your life.  

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