Libra (September 22nd to October 21st)


#MeTime:  This week might find you having a stand-off between feeling like you want to pal around with someone or be left alone.  The drama, of course, comes from not making up your mind, becoming resentful about an ill-made decision and then getting hard on yourself about it all.  The solution is to think about an experience someone would really enjoy with you and what experience would really be fulfilling for your passions…only.  I want you to be shamelessly selfish about your passions. So if baking is your passion, for instance, it’s okay if you bake yourself a treat and share later or the next day.

#Heartstrings: If you’re making Valentine’s Day plans now, think through them carefully.  Mercury and Jupiter are having a spat in the night sky and that spells big plans that can get complicated by missing details or grandiose expectations that won’t be met.  Keep your eye on the fun, not the fuss.  It may be a better idea to let spontaneity to have more of its way with you than getting too attached to what things should be like.  With the full moon coming up next week, it’s bound to be a memorable time if you allow yourself to go more with the flow.

#MoneyMoves: Focus on savings or cutting debts down rather than spending it to feel better about life or love.  In fact, you could do really well in thinking about long-term investments or savings.  This is an important issue because the cosmos is speaking to you about your self-worth. Although Saturn hasn’t left your sign yet, you’re getting a clue about the gift he’ll leave you when he goes into Scorpio in October: you can’t pay for anything that would measure up to your self-worth, but you can do as much as you can to increase wealth for yourself (and those you love).