Libra [Sept 22nd to Oct 21st]

#MeTime:  In general, stay as organized as you can this week because it may be harder to keep track of things and time.  The Sun, Neptune and your patron planet, Mercury, seep deeper into Pisces this week, your sign of personal routines and daily practices. So you may gloss over details or important key routines while you muse about some feeling, experience or dreamy pleasure you’d rather be having.  Make time to do that by scheduling it. Perhaps it’ll be a novel or the actual dreamy experience. But be sure you’re dealing with it at the right time.


#Heartstrings:  Frederick Douglass once said “Power concedes nothing without a demand.” We can say the same is true for respect as well.  In my experience, you can charm someone into liking you or doing what you want, but you can’t charm people into respecting you. Significant people in your life, especially trusted co-workers, may cross some boundaries with you that make you uncomfortable.  You can state your case without things getting nasty; but if there are hard feelings on either side, it’s best to have spoken up first and then let them quiet down before trying to work everything out at once.

#MoneyMoves: Coping with financial problems can leave its own post traumatic shock disorder too.  You might be going through your own ptsd now where you may find it hard to be sure of your good fortunes.  This could lead you to isolating yourself or pulling back from people or activities because when the world around us has seemed challenging we tend to fall back on the one thing that we can definitely control: our bodies.  This could cause problems at the job or where you can’t pull back as much. You also may not be able to or feel like catching extra hours when you can.  Concentrate on making the best of what you have now, not what misfortunes you’ve endured or fear you’ll endure again.