Libra [Sept 22nd to Oct 21st]

#MeTime:  It doesn’t matter if you’re downing cold drinks someplace hot or trying to stay hot someplace cold, you’re ready to bring the heat this winter.  Although you sometimes get down, you know the best thing you can do for yourself is to find some means to socialize or engage people, even if you don’t do it in person.  You might also feel compelled to be a little spicy by heating up your wardrobe with some eye-catching shoes or a fly new hat.  By the time you get to the weekend, you’ll be a preview of spring for everybody.


#Heartstrings:  As the week wears on, your patience may grow thin and your words hold more zing.  So I advise you to handle any back order BS from last week earlier than sooner.  This doesn’t have to lead to a RHOA episode at home or at work, but it does mean you have to speak up. Librans can be the master of the sotto voce, saying things under your breath or lowering your voice.  You can either use that to soothe or craft some sarcasm that cuts fast and deep if the victim has the ears to catch it.  The latter ain’t too good anyone as it may prompt someone to concentrate more on feelin’ stupid more than hearing what you’re sayin’.

#MoneyMoves: Let’s talk about Saturn going retrograde in your sign.  Saturn, also known as the planet of sit yo’ ass down, is really a teddy bear when you get more comfortable with him. (Okay, an old beat up teddy bear w/ one eye and a faint stench of mildew, but still…)  After these long 2+ years, he’s seeking to drive a lesson home to you:  life may not always be easy or make sense, but what’s more durable and tougher than any dollars you got in your bank is you.  You can be cracked, chipped, beat up and bruised; but you ain’t broken. Don’t let your fear of being broke make you lose sight of that.