Libra [Sept 22nd to Oct 21st]

#MeTime: All that steady push you felt to be on your own and express more of your individuality might feel like you’ve been overstating your case a bit. So, in true scale-balancing fashion, you might swing yourself to the other side of attempting to be uber-accommodating.  That ain’t right.  Remember the fine art of creating win-win scenarios rather than getting caught up on thinking that there’s only a world of winners and losers.  You can stay #winning rather than whining.  So don’t ask if you’re asking for too much. Ask if there’s a way for you to have more without costing anyone less.


#Heartstrings:  Venus, your sign’s patron, is heading for a face off with Mr. “Just Say No” Saturn at the end of the week, so you may feel like there’s a cold front blowing in with your regular dealings with folks. Some of it you might feel from others, but you might be casting some shade yourself. This becomes more of an issue as the week gets long because you’re more likely to get caught up in your feelings.  There’s nothing wrong with your feelings; but don’t make your story about what’s happening the story of what’s really happening. Ask if unsure. Also, consider treating yourself rather than waiting to be treated.

#MoneyMoves: If you need to blow some money, then do it more at the top of the week than toward the end.  This might seem counterintuitive as I see you’re tighter about money at the top of the week than the bottom. But sometimes it’s when you’re a little tight that you can make better decisions about money.  Blow gently, if you must, with quieter pleasures as next week you may come across something or a situation that’s a better fit for the load you wanna drop.