Libra (September 22nd to October 21st)

#MeTime:  Saying “yes” more can get you in a lot of trouble because often you can be too accommodating, too considerate. But it’s really about saying “yes” to the right things, Libra.  Here’s a clue on what to say yes to. Saying yes to your passions is more than ok; but if your passion is a person, then you don’t have to say yes to all that’s asked. Pay close attention to something you’ve said “no” to in the recent past, because it may warrant a qualified “yes” now. You don’t have to wed yourself to it to get with it or try it.


#Heartstrings: You often like to share, especially by talking and communicating.  It could feel as easy as breathing for you. But if you have loved ones who are not as easy-breezy with chatting, don’t force it or dismiss it as it’s “only”______ (inserting phone, text, tweeting, skype or whatever here). Reserve some space to make sure that communication isn’t one-sided. Your mind is brimming with things to say and share, but others may be operating at a different or even slower space. You don’t want to crowd too much.

#MoneyMoves: Greed is tricky business because we tend to think about it as hoarding stuff more than our share or what’s due to us.  Well, greed can happen even when you have less than your share. In fact, greed can happen when you clutch anything too tightly at any quantity when you could afford to let go. Stay open to receiving more, Scales Master.  Although your financial stock is steadily climbing, don’t get tight or cheap about things. Focus on quality and what feels best for your budget. Things will even out in the end.