Libra [Sept 22nd to Oct 21st]

#MeTime: The roots of a tree are sometimes far wider than the tree, so much so that trees in an orchard can be more interconnected at the roots than they appear at the surface. Now, with 4 planets—Mars, Jupiter, Venus and Pluto—lined up in a harmonic chorus, you have the ability to connect with situations and people beneath the surface.  This is likely the time when a problem or some situation that you’ve been attempting to work out for a long time seems to clear away easier than you expected or thought possible.  It’s because what appears at the surface is only the tip and the real work has been done or needs to be done beneath the surface. What seems like luck now is really preparation meeting opportunity.


#Heartstrings: You may be surprised by the intensity of your feelings and lingering attachments to situations or even people from your past.  The intensity of these feelings has capital and challenges to them. If you’re in a relationship (whether you’ve been going through smooth or difficult times), you may surface deep feelings of gratitude and release from fears about what’s going to happen in the future.   If you’re single, you may need connect with significant people in your life, like dear friends and family. The challenges for all will be finding tangible outlets for expressing these feelings that don’t leave you broke or drained.

#MoneyMoves: You might have some anxiety about how everything comes together at the top of the week, but as the week unwinds, so do you.  Some of the anxiety could be averted, though, if you stay clear on what your priorities are.  A lot of life is about making sacrifices, but it’s more about making the right sacrifices. It’s the reason why, according to the Bible, Cain’s sacrifices weren’t accepted and Abel’s were. If you do more than what’s asked of you without doing what’s asked or needed, you’re making the wrong sacrifices.