Libra (September 22nd to October 21st)

#MeTime: Have you ever seen someone go up for a slamdunk and miss, like this? I’m no basketball expert, but one of the reasons that might happen is that one’s preparation is actually overblown by hype and being high-strung.  You got a lot of things going for you, Libra, but all the ducks are not lined up in a row for you just yet.  With Mercury retrograde now, it’s time to focus on vision and getting your mind right to do what you gotta do rather than focus so much on the execution of things.  It’s all right to hang back now rather than feel like you gotta be out there full-on.


#Heartstrings: A new moon this week in your sign of partnership, Aries, reminds me of this trend that’s happening with many businesses called a “soft opening.” A soft opening gives you a chance to have a trial run of the business without a grand opening and just a select crowd of people, like family and friends.  One problem with a “soft opening” is that the business gets a lot of feedback, but it loses some of the momentum of having a full, fresh start.  You might feel this way with certain relationships, even well established ones: you sense a new focus in the relationship, but it doesn’t feel like you’re driving with the foot firmly on the gas.  Keep the momentum rather than trying to play it too safe.

#MoneyMoves: The bright spot about the idling that you’re likely to have this week is that your finances seem to stabilize, despite the Mercury retrograde. This seems to be truer after the new moon on Thursday and the moon fortifies itself in Taurus, one of your money signs.  It’s likely some of the sacrifices you’ve made and the debts you’ve managed will start to pay off with having a little more for yourself. It might also pay to check in with some folks about work or extra-work if you’re looking for it.