Libra [Sept 22nd to Oct 21st]

#MeTime: Spring must be an interesting time for you, as the Sun in Aries puts a burning emphasis on satisfying “self.” This has to naturally prompt a reflex from you, like “What would so-n-so think?!” Well, as we’re at the midpoint between a new and full moon this week, let me offer a different perspective from my Christian roots.  We’re going into Palm Sunday and that’s a day to honor peace while honoring Christ as King. Often peace is avoiding “either/or” situations and embracing “and.” You can honor yourSELF and others without too much cost to either.


#Heartstrings: The Sun and Uranus snicker together in Aries at your table at the Zodiac Lounge this week and with Mercury spinning at the last bit of his retrograde, rest assured that there will be some mischief. Oddly enough, the word mischief surfaces in our language from holidays that nurtured “playful malice” for very practical and maybe even beneficial reasons. Instead of looking at the mischief that might happen now with relationships as evil, maybe you can see it as a form of play to set things right in your relationships, whether they’re friendships, familial or romantic.

#MoneyMoves: The week kicks off with Venus, Jupiter, and the Moon all clumped together in the Taurus seat of your sign’s table. As much as the Sun and Uranus are up to mischief, we can count on those three planets to look out for you, especially on the negotiations front. Be careful about accepting things at face value. You’ll have the sharpness of mind and shrewdness of charm to set things off with folks in a better direction. So trust your inner Johnnie Cochran (a Libra) is waiting for you to help you get the things you want now…at a fair “deal.”