Libra [Sept 22nd to Oct 21st]

#MeTime: This weekend’s full moon kicks off two holidays, Passover and Easter.  It doesn’t matter whether you celebrate either holiday as much as you appreciate their significance for you on a personal level. For you, the full moon is also a new moon, because the moon will be in Libra. This is a cosmic reminder for you to be more mindful of what you’ve overcome and to identify what sacrifices you need to make to enjoy more of your life.  I’d start with a good day at the spa or a new outfit.


#Heartstrings: Just before the full moon this week, the moon passes in between a big brouhaha between Mars and Neptune. When those two go at it, it’s about turf or there’s not enough focus or energy to do the things that need to be done or desired.  I call it a “chasing windmill” effect, after Cervantes’ Don Quixote.  With the moon right in the middle of all that and then heading toward your sign, you might be called on to play mediator (again) or peacemaker (again).  (It’s a thankless job sometimes, I know, but you’re perhaps the most practiced in both roles.)  This time, using the foresight of astrology though, you can narrow the focus and get clear on the turf issues that are real and the ones that are fiction or just out of bounds.

#MoneyMoves: Venus has been rock solid in Taurus for a couple of weeks, but now she’s about to flitter into Gemini. That doesn’t spell trouble for you. It spells time to fine tune your spring budget and to plan for some financial blowback later on. So this is the time to shore up your reserves, so you have a little more cushion when Venus goes retrograde next month.  No need to expect anything cataclysmic, at all, as much as you need to think with your money. You might also take the time to talk with a financial planner or read up on how to make your money better work for you.